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For High School Students

RootWords is an excellent tool if you want to grow your vocabulary and better prepare for school tests such as the ACT and SAT.

Get the Edge in Test Prep with RootWords

We all have dreams. Maybe it is that special place or that particular program. Don't let a low test score hold you back from achieving your dreams. RootWords may help increase your score to be more competitive. College tuition can be expensive, but scholarships can help! Sign up for our SAT/ACT vocabulary app today and increase your chances of earning a scholarship to help pay for college. Sign up for our SAT/ACT vocabulary program today and start scoring big with scholarships!

Dream College? Scholarship?

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RootWords is an innovative mobile app designed to teach vocabulary with root words (morphemes) which are the smallest units of meaning in a word. The app is specifically designed to help learners improve their vocabulary and language skills by focusing on the building blocks of words. Don't  memorize single words, learn the parts so you can decode many words. If you're looking to expand your vocabulary and improve your understanding of words, then the RootWords app is an excellent choice. The app makes learning fun and engaging.  With an understanding of roots, prefixes, and suffixes you'll have the building blocks of language. By learning morphemes, you can decode the meaning of unfamiliar words and understand the nuances of language.

Build your Vocabulary Fast!
Ace the ACT! Crush the SAT!

How RootWords Can Help You

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3 Months Free Access

Try our app, give us feedback, and we'll give you 3 months free access to RootWords the app when it fully launches.

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