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  • Charlotte O'Connell

Conquering decoding word skills

I'm in awe at the fortitude it takes to learn to read. This never has been and never will be an "easy" skill. So don't let anyone tell you or anyone you know that it is.

Here is a short but profound discussion of dyslexia and list of practices to help learners develop decoding skills by Kathleen Law in Language Magazine. I'll point out this passage,

"Before readers can successfully decode, critical skills need to be solidly in place. One of the skills is the ability to hear and manipulate the sounds in spoken words (phonological awareness); another skill is knowing the correlation between letters and sounds (this is called phonics). To help students become successful readers, these skills need to be taught in an explicit, systematic, sequential way."

I would like to add the RootWords app to this list soon.

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