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A New Word Game!
Colossal word growth in itty bitty parts

RootWords is a spinner game, which will help increase your vocabulary. Pick a little root then spin big words. How many words can you learn from one root?
You will learn the meaning of small root words by seeing the parts frequently in different combinations. This makes it easy to decode big unknown words. Are you preparing for tests? RootWords can help!  For fun or for life. You've got this!

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What's a morpheme? you might ask. Wiktionary shares "The smallest linguistic unit within a word that can carry a meaning." But, my kid is learning with phonics now.  "What is the difference between Morphemes and Phonemes? Morphemes are the smallest meaningful elements of a language. 

The Morpheme-based, Vocabulary Learning Game

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RootWords is an innovative app designed to assist all vocabulary learners. It incorporates root words to help learners decode unknown words. The app is specifically designed to help improve vocabulary skills by teaching and developing the building blocks of words. A larger vocabulary will make the ACT or SAT easier, improve employment opportunities and build confidence because you will be better informed and have a financially useful life skill.

For Tests, For Work, & For Confidence

How RootWords Can Help You

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Try our app, give us feedback, and we'll give you 3 months free access to RootWords the app when it fully launches.

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