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For Tutors & Teachers

RootWords is an excellent tool for tutors and teachers who want to give their students another tool to decode words and improve their vocabulary and language skills.

Enhance Your Teaching Effectiveness

Is your student behind? We know you have a lot of tools to help them catch up. Perhaps we can offer you another. A new methodology to help the student learn vocabulary more quickly, in a game. Is the child sad, being bullied? Maybe we can help you help them regain their confidence. Is your student having trouble staying up with reading and writing assignments? Are they struggling with vocabulary? We have a new idea to help grow vocabulary so the students can be more fluid, confident readers. Help your students improve their literacy, make it easier for them, be their hero. Help your students learn to decode unknown words. 

A new methodology to help the student learn 
vocabulary more quickly, in a game. 

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RootWords is an innovative mobile application designed to assist language learners with morphemes, which are the smallest units of meaning in a word. The app is specifically designed to help learners improve their vocabulary and language skills by focusing on the building blocks of words.

Build their Vocabulary Fast,
Ace the ACT, or Crush the SAT!

How RootWords Can Help Your Student

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3 Months Free Access

Try our app, give us feedback, and we'll give you 3 months free access to RootWords the app when it fully launches.

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